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5 Tips for Better Health for You and Your Family!

May 17, 2017 - rachel@blauchiropractic.com - in category Health, Wellness Culture

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You may not think posture is a big deal.  “I can get away with slouching. ” “It doesn’t really hurt.” “I have been doing it for so long that I don’t think I can change.”  I hear these statements daily.  May is Posture Awareness Month and I would like to let you know posture is very important in all our bodily functions. I often say that poor structure leads to poor function. This is so true with how we hold our body and how we respond. How do I know if I have good posture? Will I feel it? A good rule of thumb would be to line up your ear, shoulder and hip in a straight line. If that is not a straight line you most likely have poor or weak posture. Usually the first thing is you feel weak or fatigued. You may think that you are getting old and tired. You are getting older but due to the poor posture you have to work harder to hold up your body. For every inch your head is in front of your shoulder the effective weight of your head doubles. Ouch! 

Here are some simple tips to improve your posture and feel better:

     1. Be mindful of your posture. Sit and stand up straight by bringing your head over your shoulders. This especially true when using electronic devices to avoid “tech neck”.

      2.  Breathe properly. This means using your diaphragm and abdominal muscles to draw in air and release. This allows you to have consistent good posture. You also will be more relaxed!

       3.  Take frequent breaks from sedentary work to loosen the muscles that are being used in that activity. This allows the fatigued muscles to have a break and restore proper circulation and position.

      4.  Stretch daily to train your muscles to support your body frame properly.

      5.  Get a posture evaluation from a chiropractor. They can evaluate and determine if you have subluxations. These misaligned areas in the spine are compromising your ability to have strong posture and health.

Poor posture is an epidemic of our time. Look around at people’s posture and see how many really have good posture. Poor posture affects our health in many ways that you may not be aware. This ranges from increased heart rate, increased cortisol (stress hormone), decreased digestion and breathing, decreased brain function (digital dementia), and overall wellbeing. You have the opportunity to change your health daily and even moment to moment by “Straightening up and Staying Healthy.” Please consider this easy task by following the above tips to have you and your family thrive again! Be Well!

Dr. Kevin Blau

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