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Adventures of a Chiropractic Intern – Week 1

July 26, 2017 - rachel@blauchiropractic.com - in category Uncategorized

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We welcomed “soon to be DC” Jessica D to our office on July 17, 2017 and she will be wrapping up her chiropractic education in October of this year. Jessica has been a great help and a friendly face in the office, and we enjoy having her here to learn with us. She will be documenting her stay with us and commenting on what she finds interesting along the way! Check back often for her updates. 


Hello Blau Family Chiropractic friends! I am a Chiropractic student at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. After 7.5 years of school, I’m finally in my last trimester of chiropractic school, Yay! I can’t wait to graduate this October and start serving my community to help others reach their goals and live to their maximum potential through chiropractic care. I am honored to spend the last of my schooling here at Blau Family Chiropractic & Intergrated Wellness, learning from these excellent doctors and staff.

Over the course of my internship I will be posting weekly to update everyone on my experiences both as a patient and behind the scenes assisting the doctors and staff. Already my first week has been nothing short of amazing. There have been many amazing success stories from Brian who shared his testimonial on Facebook earlier this week to a young child who experienced chronic ear infections and sinus problems that resolved after 12 weeks of care. Even at 6 years old, with the help of his mother this patient was dedicated to following the doctor’s recommendations and his hard work has paid off. The body is truly amazing at healing itself if you correct the cause of the problem instead of treating the symptoms caused by the problem.

There is no doubt Blau Family Chiropractic works hard to correct the cause of the problem often known as a subluxation. I have witnessed the staff here from 7am to 7pm, going above and beyond what I have seen in other offices. They truly care about their patients. Every doctor knows their patients’ goals and states it off the top of their head at an office meeting prior to each shift. How AWESOME is that!? If you’re not already a patient, I highly encourage you to check out Blau Family Chiropractic. They host a free DIY class for the public to learn what a subluxation is and sign up to find out if you have one. Next class is Thursday, July 27 at 6:15. Call 608-742-1300 to RSVP for you and a friend. I hope to see you there and stay tuned for more posts!



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