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Adventures of a Chiropractic Intern – Week 3

August 11, 2017 - rachel@blauchiropractic.com - in category Uncategorized

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We welcomed “soon to be DC” Jessica D to our office on July 17, 2017 and she will be wrapping up her chiropractic education in October of this year. Jessica has been a great help and a friendly face in the office, and we enjoy having her here to learn with us. She will be documenting her stay with us and commenting on what she finds interesting along the way! Check back often for her updates.


Week 3

The fun continues… I have started to become Dr. Blau’s shadow soaking in all his knowledge. The doctors here use the best research available to create proven protocols for managing your health. As a new patient understanding what chiropractic is and how it works is not only important, but essential. At Blau Family Chiropractic the doctors take the time to perform detailed examinations then sit down with each patient to go over their individualized results. They show patients their posture pictures and help them locate their own subluxations on digital radiographs. As they go over each subluxation they point out what nerves are involved and what symptoms can arise. Many times patients are currently experiencing additional symptoms like constipation, acid reflux and many others, but fail to tell their doctor because they aren’t aware chiropractic can help. The doctor then draws an individualized care plan and answering any patient questions. There aren’t many doctors out there that get patients that involved with their diagnosis and care. When patients follow the care plans recommended by the doctor, it never seizes to amaze me how are bodies self-heal and self-regulate. I can’t wait to keep learning more!

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