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Adventures of A Chiropractic Intern

September 28, 2017 - rachel@blauchiropractic.com - in category Uncategorized

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Week 10 – Intern to Doctor

I am so proud of the patients, here at Blau Family Chiropractic & Integrated Wellness; so many of you are rocking at improving your health and well-being. I can see the results each day in patients as they start coming through the door with smiles on their face. We even had a patient leave feeling so good on the way out they forgot their cane behind (I guess they didn’t need it after their adjustment). As patients you are also great at explaining chiropractic to others. We love all the referrals. Part of the mission at Blau Family Chiropractic and Wellness is to help as many people as possible become healthier. I am looking forward to putting my skills to use and applying everything I have learned through out school and my internship. It’s hard to believe graduation is right around the corner! Where did these 10 weeks go? On October 20th I will be graduating Summa Cum Laude and have received the Academic Excellence Award for my class. I have enjoyed my time here at Blau Family Chiropractic, so much that I have decided not to leave 🙂

We Welcome Dr. Jessica to our Staff!

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