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Are your bad habits shortening your life?

October 03, 2016 - rachel@blauchiropractic.com - in category Health, Uncategorized, Wellness Culture

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We often don’t think that our daily habits will affect our life beyond the time or day we do them. This way otech-neck-2f thinking is just fooling yourself. The decisions you make today don’t only affect you today in the form of fatigue, tightness or sluggishness. The actions we take affect us into the future. These affect our health slowly, almost undetectable, like watching grass grow. These silent killers such as weak posture, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, poor eating habits and a negative attitude rob us of the quality and quantity of life you aspire.


October is National Spinal Hygiene Month. This may seem like a trivial concept. What does my spine have to do with my health? You mean you can change your health by taking care of your spine? Yes, when the spine is not functioning properly, the nerves that exit the spine are compromised and therefore compromise the organs, glands, muscles and joints they serve. We then have compromised health. This happens slowly over time, maybe decades.


Observe someone with weak postech-neck-groupture. They look older. Do you want that? Look around at your coworkers’ posture during the workday. Not only to people sit using their smart phone creating “tech neck” from the static folded posture; watch people play Pokémon Go. These users walk while playing, disrupting the normal walking pattern. The arms are not swinging, head is forward, shoulders rolled in and consequently breathing patterns are restricted.



While getting out and moving is important, even more important is to move right first then get moving. You may want to consider getting an evaluation of your posture and see where improvement can occur. I know professionally, I see in almost all patients, some type of negative change in posture that could be managed through conservative chiropractic care and posture modification exercises to retrain strong posture. These habits need to be seriously reconsidered. Determine if they promote moving well, eating well and thinking well. If the above can be achieved then you are well on your way to a better quality of life in mind, body and spirit.



Be Well!

~Dr. Blau

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