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Healthy Habits, Not Resolutions, for Lasting Change

January 10, 2017 - rachel@blauchiropractic.com - in category Health, Wellness Culture

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Do you want your New Year’s resolutions to truly stick this year?

I believe we all have good intentions when setting new resolutions at the beginning of each year. We see the change we want, but usually don’t have a plan on how to achieve it. A saying that always sticks in my head during this time of year is “intent without action is an illusion.” Yes, no action means no traction on the changes you aspire to see in yourself , family or business. A good friend, Dr. Eric Plasker, is often quoted saying “change is easy, thinking about it is hard.” I believe we all can relate to these sayings and have the best intentions, but in the end are missing the mark on these intentions with no systematic actions steps to achieve them. I have learned much from a book written a few years ago called The Power of Habit.  I truly believe we are what our habits are. If we change our habits, we change our life. Are you ready to make a change? Have you tried in the past to make change but lacked the will power or the strategy to follow through?  I want to suggest that this is the year for all those good intentions to become reality and bear fruit in 2017.

You must first decide what are the actions and results that currently do not serve you well? What is the best way to live? Be honest. What direction are you trending in your job, family, health, friends, etc. Take an inventory and prioritize the habits you know and feel you need to change.

According to The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, you must begin to diagnose what truly comprises a habit. He suggests these specific things to make change:

  1. First, identify the cue that starts the habit, the routine and the reward that ultimately encourages the habit. The goal initially is to focus on the “cue” that originates the routine that leads to the habit.
  2. Second, identify the “reward” that fuels this process to its end.
  3. Lastly, have a strategy. You must have a specific plan of attack that addresses the components listed above. The key is to be clear and time based on your goal in changing a habit. This may be to lose weight, be more fit or spend more time with the family. If you are not clear on your plan and goal you will surely fail due to a lack of direction and deadlines to achieve. NO EXCUSES for failure!

On January 23rd at 6:15pm, I will be doing a workshop with more details on how to create lasting change and establishing healthy habits. Based on the best -selling book The Power of Habit, this information and application will truly allow you to reach your goals for 2017. I am confident that this change in habits will truly allow you to be the “best version of yourself” and people will notice if you don’t. Sign up today and bring a friend. You will thank me that you did. You can sign up on our facebook page or at our office. Make this the best year yet! Be well!

~ Dr. Blau


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