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Melissa SMeet Melissa – Patient of the Month

Melissa had been dealing with chronic hip and back pain along with migraines for most of her adult life. The pain had “significantly impacted my life as sometimes it hurt to walk. It left me feeling frustrated and wanting to be less active, which led to weight gain, depression and feeling like I was missing out on my children’s lives. She had sought care from another chiropractor but was not seeing the result she hoped for and she was disappointed with the lack of care plan.

Melissa says “since coming to Blau my hip and back pain have been greatly reduced. I have less migraines. But the biggest change has been since I started working with Rachel at the end of February. I have lost almost 50 pounds!!! And still working on it. I always feel super supported by the staff.

These results have led to big changes in Melissa’s life, and she says that “losing weight and having less hip pain has meant that I feel very good about myself and I have become more active as each day passes. This summer had been packed full of things like camping and going to the Milwaukee Zoo with my children. I want to go for walks and hikes. The more weight I lose the better I feel and the more I want to do!”

Melissa is seeing great results and like the “supportive, helpful, encouraging, positive and happy to help” staff. She also says “I specifically like that Blau has wrap around services and their holistic approach.”

We’re so proud of your progress Melissa! Keep up the great work.


Al Before
Al After

Meet Al – Patient of the Month

Al was seeing a chiropractor in Illinois for 20 years on and off. After moving to Madison, Al found Blau Family Chiropractic and Integrated Wellness. While he says that while he has had good experiences in the past with chiropractors, he says that none were “as detailed as BFC!”

Weight was a concern for Al, and says that the extra weight he was carrying made his back pain and it aggravated him. He had tried many diets before, but decided to work with Rachel on changing his lifestyle. He says he’s “never eaten so good cheating!”

With the care he has received here, Al says he has a “Feeling of wellness all the time” now. He says “the detailed, hands on care is great for meeting all my concerns and needs!!!”

Way to go, Al, we’re seeing some amazing results! Keep up the great work.



Meet Sue – Patient of the MonthSue O

Sue has suffered from chronic pain due to a car accident in 1991. She says the past 5 years have been “extremely painful.” At its worst, she says her “head and neck were so tight I could barely turn my head. My left hip and sciatic nerve made it hard to stand up straight or sleep.”

Sue had tried many years of chiropractic care from different providers and says she had many years of pain and slow recovery.

Since starting her care with us, Sue has seen “huge progress over the past 10 months. I started out visiting Dr. Jess 3 times a week. Since working with Rachel, my cholesterol has gone down to a normal range. My Body is healthier, the pain is less and more manageable. I know when and what days trigger more pain and Dr. Jess knows how to get me back to normal again! I’m now eating gluten free, taking supplements for fibromyalgia and my body is healthier.”

We’re so excited for your progress, Sue! Keep up the great work.


MIchelle PMeet Michelle – Patient of the Month

Michelle had been seeing a chiropractor for most of the past 11 years, but due to numerous moves, her care was interrupted at times. She says “I always feel better when I am consistently getting adjusted.”

Before beginning her care with us, Michelle had “mild back pan that would prevent me from finishing exercise occassionaly, but I had symptoms I didn’t realize were there until I started receiving care and feeling better, such as tiredness, mild stomach issue, compromised immune system…”

Michelle appreciates that “Dr. Blau explained my situation in a way that makes me feel more proactive about my wellbeing as well as my family’s wellbeing.”

It’s not just the care that Michelle likes here; “Every time I come to BFC&IW, I feel better, not just physically but mentally and emotionally from the positive and encouraging atmosphere! Thanks!”

Thanks for the nice words, Michelle! We’re proud of your progress; keep up the great work.

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