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The Sunshine Vitamin

September 12, 2017 - rachel@blauchiropractic.com - in category Uncategorized

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Long summer days are fading, kids are going back to school and that means less sunshine and less vitamin D. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because our bodies can produce it with mild sun exposure. We can also get Vitamin D from food or supplements, which is vital during long Midwest winters.  Researchers estimate that 50 percent of the general population is at risk of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency, and this percentage rises in higher-risk populations such as the elderly and those with darker skin. Vitamin D deficiency is a causal factor in many illness and diseases including depression, cancer, fibromyalgia, fatigue and more. Vitamin D also helps to reduce incidence of cold and flu. Is it a coincidence the flu season starts creeping up in fall/winter with less sunshine? Not to mention Vitamin D also helps maintain health of bones and teeth.

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We welcomed “soon to be DC” Jessica D to our office on July 17, 2017 and she will be wrapping up her chiropractic education in October of this year. Jessica has been a great help and a friendly face in the office, and we enjoy having her here to learn with us. She will be documenting her stay with us and commenting on what she finds interesting along the way! Check back often for her updates.

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